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Handicap International & Excelys

Excelys Tours supports HI in its projects and its engagement. Next action for the association : The children of Nepal ! Discover how our clients participate to the 2023 project.
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For this new year 2023, our agency has at heart to support and really commit itself to association such as Handicap International, more commonly known under the abbreviation HI.  We wish to support them in their efforts to improve the mobility and functional independence of disabled people and vulnerable populations in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters.

Excelys Tours is committed to work for the project No one leaves behind in Nepal by integrating the Club1000 of HI in the form of annual donations in order to multiply their positive impact on the ground and place the human being at the heart of our commitments. The principle set up by Excelys is that 3 euros per customer are automatically donated to the NGO.

The Club 1000 is reserved for organizations in the range of 1000 to 10 000 euros, it allows you to participate in a concrete project of aid and rehabilitation in Nepal.

HI : a great project in Nepal

The country is frequently affected by natural disasters, which disproportionately affect people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations, in addition to man-made disasters such as road accidents. In the face of this, rehabilitation services can only cover about 10% of the prosthetic and orthotic needs in the country.

In this context, the project aims to promote a sustainable rehabilitation system to improve the mobility and empowerment of people in need of rehabilitation services. Handicap International is helping to improve not only the quality and access to these services, but also their sustainability.

Children with disabilities are the primary beneficiaries of this project. The objective is to make them go back to school and for that HI helps them in their rehabilitation work. A physical rehabilitation which is the first step to get back to their lives. Without the intervention of the association, it is to deprive them of care which would generate the risks of exclusion and stigmatization within the society.

HI supports within the framework of the project the rehabilitation center of Biratnagar. On the spot a team is present to evaluate the patients in order to identify their needs in rehabilitation. Also, the caregivers take measurements, adjust and create the necessary prosthesis for each beneficiary. Afterwards, training is provided so that they learn to use their prosthesis in their own environment (physical therapy sessions, etc.) until they reach an acceptable level of comfort and stability.

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