Wine Tour in Côtes du Rhône

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This day started from a desire of 4 friends, lovers of good wines, to meet in a charming setting, sharing good things! This tour is organized at the gates of Rhone Valley, around Vienna, at approximately 40 min of Lyon by car. Customers have asked the services of the agency after friends’ recommendation. This is how we were led to design this customized wine tour. 

Program, what did they do?  ​

Firstly, we proposed them a private driver-guide, in order to let themselves be carried away and to fully enjoy the wine tastings, safely! 

Our customers meet their driver early in the morning and go to the discovery of the region, beginning with Vienna, a city rich in history: the temple of Auguste and Livia, amphitheaters. The guests acclimatize themselves to this region to better understand, with their guide, every characteristic. 

Then, they follow the way of the vineyards, magnificent hills, covered with vines, with their delicious grapes ripening, preparing to be harvested in September. They walk these scenic roads admiring a unique view! 

This vines discovery is marked by a stop in a local vineyard, they meet the producers who tell them the history of their lands and their secrets…and what was their work precisely as winemakers. Their visit ends off with a private wine tasting of two big wine and local wine, appreciated for their authenticity and their rich tastes from littles vineyards which are part of the most ancient vineyards of France. 

After this delicious tasting, our guests take place in their seats in their coach, to reach Lyon. This is time to go back, or almost! A last stop in Ampuis, to take a last picture of their trip, in front of the names of the wine terrace, enough to bring back memories full head!

How they experienced it:

Customers particularly appreciate the turnkey package. Indeed, we orchestrate all day with each of the service providers, so that the tour is fluid and complete, it’s our job to ensure our customers an unforgettable day, they only have to take full advantage of their experience. They like this delicate introduction with the visit to Vienna, but especially the encounter with the winemakers, allowing them to better understand the process of wine production. Without forgetting the warm mood that their hosts allow to shine through by exchanging with them.

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